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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Haganai Kobato Hasegawa Blonde Cosplay Party Wig

  • Product Number:BN-EDEA75D6
  • Weight:650.000 (g)
  • Item No.:BN-EDEA75D6
  • Brand:lucaille
  • Unit:g
  • Integration:25
  • Market Price: $26.0
  • Selling price: $25.9
  • Thrift: $0.1
This Item Includes:

60cm Straight Hair *1

Ponytail Clip *2

Mixed Blonde Colour (Darker ThanSena Wig)

Specially Styled for Kobato Hasegawa

Fringe to Nose Tip

Heat Resistant Fibre

Base Hair 


With Clips 

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