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One-Punch Man Caped Baldy Saitama Bald Style Cosplay Party Latex

  • Product Number:Latex Net Cap
  • Weight:100.000 (g)
  • Item No.:Latex Net Cap-1
  • Brand:lucaille
  • Unit:g
  • Integration:5
  • Market Price: $10.0-$22.0
  • Selling price: $5.0-$14.0
  • Thrift: $5.0-$8.0

Please select: Style

Style 货号 价格
small Latex Net Cap-1 $5.0
big Latex Net Cap-2 $14.0




1.put the wig cap on your head
2.press the top on Latex Net Cap and put it on your head
3.Adjust the Latex Net Cap and may need cut the place for your ear
4.use Alcohol Glue Remover make the Latex Net Cap on your head
5.use the Alcohol Glue Remover on the place you want to glue the thing
  15 second later you can put the thing on it
  press it about 3 min
6.use foundation cover the Latex Net Cap make it look nature






买家 购买价 购买数量 购买时间
cos*** 14.000 1( big ) 2017-07-29
bra*** 14.000 1( big ) 2017-05-14
cos*** 14.000 1( big ) 2017-03-18
man*** 14.000 1( big ) 2016-12-07
man*** 14.000 1( big ) 2016-10-22
por*** 5.000 1( small ) 2016-10-08
man*** 5.000 2( small ) 2016-07-30
alt*** 14.000 1( big ) 2016-05-28
lou*** 14.000 1( big ) 2016-05-05
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