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About refund on lucaille

Release Date:2016-07-29

About the refund

Those 2 situation i can refund


if package send out over 60 days did not get

the package may lost

i can refund all payment +shipping fee


if package reject by customs house and the tracking show return to china

i can refund the all payment +shipping fee


Those 2 situation i will not refund


The package is get tax by customs house so client did not get the package

and the package return to china

as package get tax so when it return the shipping fee and tax will high and i need paid for it

the cost is much higher then client paid

so i will not reufnd

And Tax is got by chance,it is can not avoid in every order

It is Risk in international shopping



Client feel the color is not as picture on web

All the wig color is easy affected by environment light

Please put the wig in sunlight not in room,all my wig i match the color in sunlight

And the color also may different in different display
So if you afraid of the a little different with picture
I suggest you not buy the wig
Or when you get wig you just resell the wig as new
i will not refund,if want refund need send back the package to me
but the shipping fee need paid yourself


I suggest  that Canada and Germany that did not have tracking show of china air mail use Epackage

if you use china air mail

it will not have tracking slow in English

and did not have tracking out of China