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Samll Wave Fluffy wig "Laurel knight"

  • Product Number:Laurel knight-3
  • Weight:300.000 (g)
  • Item No.:Laurel knight-3-1
  • Brand:lucaille
  • Unit:g
  • Integration:63
  • Market Price: $140.0
  • Selling price: $63.0
  • Thrift: $77.0
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Size BJD color 货号 价格
M-19cm to 19.9cm Lavender gray Laurel knight-3-1 $63.0
M-20cm to 20.9cm Lavender gray Laurel knight-3-2 $63.0
M-21cm to 21.9cm Lavender gray Laurel knight-3-3 $63.0
L-22cm to 22.9cm Lavender gray Laurel knight-3-4 $63.0
L-23cm to 23.9cm Lavender gray Laurel knight-3-5 $63.0
L-24cm to 24.9cm Lavender gray Laurel knight-3-6 $63.0
M-19cm to 19.9cm Black Laurel knight-3-7 $63.0
M-20cm to 20.9cm Black Laurel knight-3-8 $63.0
M-21cm to 21.9cm Black Laurel knight-3-9 $63.0
L-22cm to 22.9cm Black Laurel knight-3-10 $63.0
L-23cm to 23.9cm Black Laurel knight-3-11 $63.0
L-24cm to 24.9cm Black Laurel knight-3-12 $63.0
M-19cm to 19.9cm Snow blond Laurel knight-3-13 $63.0
M-20cm to 20.9cm Snow blond Laurel knight-3-14 $63.0
M-21cm to 21.9cm Snow blond Laurel knight-3-15 $63.0
L-22cm to 22.9cm Snow blond Laurel knight-3-16 $63.0
L-23cm to 23.9cm Snow blond Laurel knight-3-17 $63.0
L-24cm to 24.9cm Snow blond Laurel knight-3-18 $63.0
M-19cm to 19.9cm White Laurel knight-3-19 $63.0
M-20cm to 20.9cm White Laurel knight-3-20 $63.0
M-21cm to 21.9cm White Laurel knight-3-21 $63.0
L-22cm to 22.9cm White Laurel knight-3-22 $63.0
L-23cm to 23.9cm White Laurel knight-3-23 $63.0
L-24cm to 24.9cm White Laurel knight-3-24 $63.0
M-19cm to 19.9cm Navy blue Laurel knight-3-25 $63.0
M-20cm to 20.9cm Navy blue Laurel knight-3-26 $63.0
M-21cm to 21.9cm Navy blue Laurel knight-3-27 $63.0
L-22cm to 22.9cm Navy blue Laurel knight-3-28 $63.0
L-23cm to 23.9cm Navy blue Laurel knight-3-29 $63.0
L-24cm to 24.9cm Navy blue Laurel knight-3-30 $63.0
L-22cm to 22.9cm Tan Laurel knight-3-34 $63.0
L-23cm to 23.9cm Tan Laurel knight-3-35 $63.0
L-24cm to 24.9cm Tan Laurel knight-3-36 $63.0


* The image could look slightly different from the actual product.
* Wig color on promo pics could look slightly different from the actual product.
* We don't accept any refund or exchange by the reason.

Brand / Style




Wig Cap Size

19cm to 24cm


1  Lavender gray

2 Black

3 Snow blond

4 White

5 Navy blue

6 Tan


About 90days to ship the items.


High Temperature Fiber, Heat-Resistant .If you want to use  curling iron to the wig, we suggest you test hair from low temperature.


Curly hair Cut short wig,

The hairdo made by hand.

Package included:




Resistance to 200°C




*Notice: Hand-cut and hand-curl to let the wigs more fitting for your dolls.

Plese DO leave messages about the head circumference and the type of your dolls!

it's will be great to Be accurate to 0.1cm.

*Caution:The wig is full of the hair wax.It can't be washed.

The edge of the wig is  hard to become deformed cause it's made by cyanoacrylate adhesive.

SO it might not fit for all dolls!

Please do tell me the head circumference and the type of your dolls!

Color Black for example




买家 购买价 购买数量 购买时间
sss*** 63.000 1( M-21cm to 21.9cm、Lavender gray ) 2020-09-23
sss*** 63.000 1( M-21cm to 21.9cm、Snow blond ) 2020-09-23
sss*** 63.000 1( M-21cm to 21.9cm、Black ) 2020-09-23
fif*** 63.000 1( M-21cm to 21.9cm、Navy blue ) 2020-07-16
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